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Supporting Local

Welcome to my blog. I will start with why I support local.

It is important for so many reasons to support local. By supporting local you have a chance to connect with the person making your goods. You can even have a say in the process. I have had the opportunity to work with a couple crafters on making items for the store that would not have existed if we did not collaborate. You can know you are getting quality because you have a personal connection to the crafter. They have a lot to lose by putting out sub par goods. You cant get that with a large factory made product.

When you support local you also support local people. These people might even be your neighbors. These people are either supporting themselves entirely or supplementing an income with the goods they produce. By supporting them you are infusing money back into local communities rather than large companies who see your purchase as a drop in the bucket.

By buying things that are produced nearby you lessen the environmental impact made by that item. It takes less gas and emissions to move it to you.

these are a few of the many reasons there are to purchase locally made goods.

I appreciate your feed back on these ideas.

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